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A comprehensive and effective cleaner to help you free up space


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Powerful Cleaner is a complete tool that frees up space on your terminal while you safely surf online. Gain performance and streamline any process on your Android. Basically, thanks to this tool your Android is as good as new. Use any of the huge array of features to clean up your system and free up space.

First of all, from the main menu in Powerful Cleaner you can eliminate any file you don't need any more with just a single tap. Along with clearing out your cache, any duplicate documents or anything that is taking up space for no reason gets eliminated in one quick zap. Thanks to this function you'll free up tons of extra space that was previously used up by unnecessary files. Plus this app allows you to kill all those other random processes that take up resources in the background and slow down your performance. Now you'll find your system performance is much faster even when using several apps at a time.

Powerful Cleaner has tons of other useful features including a built-in browser for visiting your favorite pages with an added extra layer of security. And its browser automatically blocks any elements that might cause problems for your smartphone, as well as eliminating potentially dangerous security threats.

Not to mention the possibility of uninstalling any app that you no longer use or simply don't want to keep installed on your smartphone. The major advantage is that you can select as many folders as you want instead of going through them painstakingly one by one.

Finally, Powerful Cleaner adds another security checkpoint by blocking access to any part of your Android through a lock screen pattern or a password pin, preventing any third parties from accessing your private information. All these functions are what make Powerful Cleaner a full-featured security tool that saves space, improves performance speed and lets you browse online safely without having to download any additional third-party tools.
By Erika Okumura
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